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The country was a French colony from 1895 to 1960 and belonged to French West Africa. The capital is Yamoussoukro middle of the country, moved from the coastal city of Abidjan.

Ivory Coast belongs to the tropical climate zone and the southern part of the country has two distinct rainy seasons. These two periods are between May and June and between October and November.

The southern part of the country receives approx. 2000 mm rainfall throughout the year. Also Man Mountains receive significant rainfall, and to the north decreases both rainfall and rain the length.

Average annual precipitation for the entire country is about. 1500 mm and temperatures are high throughout the year, with average values of between 24 and 29 degrees. The months between February and May are the hottest period, while the period from July to September are the coldest months.

The warmest month is March with 24-32 ° C, the coldest month is August, with 22 to 28 ° C, the driest month is January with 41 mm rainfall on average and the wettest month is June with 495 mm of rainfall on average.

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