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Around the year 1000 the Oslo founded basically in Viken who Oslofjord was then called. A thousand years later falls Oslo's major anniversary with the millennium celebration which was celebrated across the globe. Oslo, capital of Norway is the head of Oslo Fjord surrounded by forested hills, and is both a municipality and a county. It keeps the government, Parliament is here, at the far end of the main street - Karl Johan Street - is the Royal Palace.

The city has a surprising number of features not associate with European capitals. Within the city limits there is wilderness and restaurants which is barely enough unparalleled in Scandinavia. Just a stone's throw from the National Theatre and the University, the city in winter an artificial skating rink. City Hall is located downtown, just a few hundred meters from the main street and overlooking the bay with moored pleasure boats, shrimp trawlers, cruise boats, charter boats and ferries to the islands.

Oslo has a wealth of attractions including museums, heritage listed building communities, parks and a well developed business deals. In most cases you can leave your car because it is within walking distance from most.

Oslo is considered one of the world's top shipping areas. At the docks, still within walking distance from the center, the islands within a large cruise fleet. From the same docks, only 10 minutes drive to lovely beaches with clean water.

Oslo is full of paradoxes. Visitors perceive why the Norwegian capital as exciting and rich in experiences - whether you come for business, as a tourist, to shop or attend meetings and conventions. The possibilities are always many - whether you want to enjoy a sumptuous meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant, or you want a sweeping fresh winter experience with dog sleds in Oslo wilderness.

Oslo has within its city limits also hundreds of kilometers of groomed trails for cross country in addition to eight ski slopes. It was in this alpine environment one of the world's best skiers, Kjetil Andre Aamodt stood down their first slopes.

It was also in this winter wonderland that polar explorer Fridtjof Nansen for more than a century ago trained himself up to long and strenuous skiing. In 1888 he, along with Otto Sverdrup, the first to cross Greenland on skis.

Sonja Henie is the world's top figure skater of all time. It was at Frogner Stadion in Oslo she developed her talent since brought her three Olympic gold medals and 10 world championship gold medals - one after another!

But Oslo is also more than just a winter. The Ullevaal Stadium, Norwegian national football team won big triumphs. In athletics arena Bislett, there is a wide range of world records.

One need not be a top athlete to enjoy the wide offer of athletes. Every year, usually in late July / early August, held at Ekeberg the world's biggest football tournament in the younger cohorts. Norway Cup has more than 25 years, collected over 20,000 eager dribble artists in the mini class.

Norwegians are interested in sports, and they are proud of their athletes and sports. Oslo has produced many sports heroes, and several sports facilities are internationally known.

The legendary Holmenkollen ski jump is no more than a tram ride away from the center. The ground is the core of an extensive sports facilities suitable for both ski jumping, cross country and biathlon. Ever since the beginning of the last century the world's top athletes competing for gold and glory in and around the ground, where it has been held in both the Winter Olympics and World Cup skiing.

In 1952, Oslo hosted the Olympic Winter Games, a faultless event was designated as the then most spectacular Winter Olympics. It caused quite a stir that virtually all of the exercises took place within the city limits.

Since the Oslo hosted the World Cup skiing, Nordic disciplines in both 1966 and 1982. Biathlon World Championships was the big event in 2000. The annual Holmenkollen Ski Festival round out the winter season and is often combined with the conclusion of the World Cup in multiple disciplines. The event takes place in March and draws 50-70000 spectators.

Oslo was according to Snorri royal saga founded about the year 1048 by King Harald Hardrada. Recent archaeological excavations have discovered Christian graves from before 1000 and this was the town to celebrate its 1000th anniversary in 2000. The town was located at the mouth of the river Alna. The origin of the name Oslo has been disputed. It has nothing to do with "Loelva", a river name that was constructed by Peder Friis Claussøn in 1613 to explain the city's name as "fluff us." The final link is for sure, it does delete or engslette. In the Middle Ages the name was written both Aslo and Oslo, and the first form is probably the oldest. This suggests that subsection either alludes to the hill right by the city, Ekeberg, or the Old Norse word for god. The interpretations that have most of them, are thus either "field below the hill 'or' gods 'delete'.

Oslo, capital of Norway around 1300 under King Haakon V Magnusson, who also built the Akershus fortress and made it to the residence. During the union with Denmark lost its city status as the capital and stagnated economically. After a devastating fire in 1624 the town was moved to the opposite side of the Bjørvika and rebuilt in brick at the request of King Christian IV and simultaneously renamed Christiania (between 1897 and 1925 officially written Kristiania). The original name of Oslo was re-introduced from 1 January 1925. The city remained the capital in 1814 when the union with Denmark was dissolved. 1800s were a time of significant expansion of the city, and many public buildings were erected - the Royal Palace, the University, the Parliament, the National Theatre and many more. Growth continued at a slower pace through 1900. In 1948, the area and the population significantly when the neighboring municipality of Aker was incorporated. Village Hall was completed in 1950.
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