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Cienfuegos is a city on the southern coast of Cuba. It was founded in 1819, is 250 km. south of Havana has around 150 000 inhabitants and is the provincial capital of the province of Cienfuegos. The city is considered one of Cuba's most beautiful with its many magnificent buildings in the Spanish Colonial style. Wrought iron work on some buildings are among the best in Spanish wrought iron tradition, and it says quite a bit. In 2005, a large part of the city protected by UNESCO and was declared to be the best example of early Spanish architectural and urban planning in the new world.

Tourism is relatively well developed and the city's hotels is in no way back for hotels in Havana in terms of standard of service.

Just like Havana and Santiago de Cuba Cienfuegos many talented artists, as well as visual art sculptural carving seems to have a good environment. In the musical, the city has distinguished itself by Benny Moré, one of Cuba's finest musicians and composers.

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