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Vilnius is Lithuania's capital. The city is located in the southeastern part of the country. Vilnius is Lithuania's historical capital since the Middle Ages, but was only in 1991 the capital of a free Lithuania. It is the administrative and commercial town, located on both sides of the river Neris. In 2009 the city was European kulturhovedstad.Vilnius was previously not only the cultural but also the geographical center of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and was also an important city in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

The climate of Vilnius is considered inland into cups climate classification. The annual average temperature is 6.1 ° C in January is 4.9 and 17.0 degrees Celsius in July. Average rainfall is about. 661 mm a year. Hot summers with daily temperatures above 30 ° C occur, but mostly the climate is quite similar to that found in the northern part of Germany, Denmark and southern Sweden.

Today Vilnius a modern cosmopolitan capital and memories in many ways about Copenhagen or Paris. In the city you can study more than 40 churches. Restaurants, hotels and museums have sprung up like mushrooms since independence, and young vilniusere defends the city's reputation of being the most hospitable city, according to the large number of members in the International Hospitality Club.

There are a number of theaters in Vilnius and the music and art lovers, there is also the opportunity to educate themselves on the Lithuanian Academy of music and theater and Academy. Opera in Vilnius can be traced back to 1636 where an Italian troops erected the first opera performance in Vilnius at the castle.

Vilnius was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1994 because of the impressive mix of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and classical buildings.

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