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The city probably arose over time as a result of the population fled to the inhospitable marsh and island regions as northern Italy was plagued by invasions of Goths and later the Huns led by Attila. Venice became a city 25 March 421 Venice was the Exarchate of Ravenna as doge title (from the Latin "dux," leader of Byzantium) was first used on the city's head. According to the official history and tradition was the first Doge of Venice Paolo Lucio Anafesto, who was elected in 697

The Byzantine board in Italy gradually lost influence. Venice successfully resist invasion attempt by the king of the Franks Pepin the Younger, and a peace agreement ("Pax Nicephori") with his son Charlemagne in 811 city-state is in practice a strong independent role that differs from the rest of the Republic of Italy. Doge Agnello Particiaco (811-827) moved the city administration from Malamocco to the safer Rialto Island, where the city lies today.

Monastery of St. Zacharias, the first doge palace of St. Mark's Basilica and the city's defense wall (civitatis Murus) between Olivolo and Rialto spurred on urban development. In 828 the city's prestige increased after the theft of the body of the saint Markus (Greek: Markos) that were placed in the new basilica.

Gradually emerged Venice as both strong and independent. Through the formal connection to Bysant they released a lot of the feudal wear on the mainland, and geography monitors city for military invasions. Republic lasted for 1000 years and the witnesses themselves on a durable political regime. The city-state extended at most over large tracts of land in two continents and dominated the Mediterranean. Shipping and trade between East and West created enormous wealth and made Venice the only Italian city-state that was invaded, looted or destroyed. That is, not until Napoleon invaded northern Italy city lost its independence and the republic was dissolved in 1797.

After the fall of Napoleon belonged to Venice Austria. A brief rebellion in 1848 would restore the republic. The city and its area became part of Italy in 1866 when Austria lost the Austro-Prussian War, because Prussia had promised the city to the Kingdom of Italy.
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Kristin B. Jacobsen
Klokkarvik, Norway
"Noe oppskrytt."
Reviewed 05.03.2015 17:30:37
Var i Venezia i juli, det var 30 grader pluss, enormt med menneske...


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