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Lausanne is a city in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. The city is the capital of the canton of Vaud is located on the shores of Lake Geneva. It is located on the French town of Evian -les - Bains, with the Jura mountains to the north -west. Lausanne is located 62 km northeast of Geneva. Bye located in the center of a wine - growing region .

The country's Supreme Court, the third branch of government, is located in the city. The International Olympic Committee ( IOC) has its headquarters in Lausanne. This is also the Olympic Museum.

Lausanne has many museums such as the Palais de Rumine, based on Italian Renaissance designs, L ' Espace Arlaud is the oldest museum in Lausanne, Eglise Saint - Francois, The Church of St. Francis is the only remnant of the Franciscan monastery, built around 1270, the Fondation de l' Hermitage was built in 1841 and has a wonderful view of the cathedral and the Alps, Cantonal Botanical Garden and Museum and especially Olympic Museum that brings forth a wealth of memories from Olympiads through time. Part of the exhibition include among others Jean - Claude Killy their boots and Carl Lewis' golden track shoes. The beautiful sculpture garden overlooking Lac Leman, is open to the public.

Explore the old town, you can wander the ancient cobbled streets with their nooks and crannies. On Saturdays, year round, are the large pedestrian area to a large farmer's market. After the shops close, there are dozens of hot restaurants, cafes and nightclubs, especially in Central Place where the old city ends. Do not miss Sauvabelin tower, where you have 360 ° views of the lake, the Alps and the Jura. There is also a small free zoo with domestic animals Swiss , mostly visited by families with children. Rent a boat or pedal boat at Ouchy and enjoy a few hours on the lake.

Lausanne has many different theater and concert performances. The city also has a number of festivals throughout the year.

The usual Swiss trinkets are available in many places around the city, although they are not nearly as prevalent as in Geneva or Berne. There are plenty of shops and malls as well. Many of the shops are closed on Sunday, except in the Main Station, Flon, Chauderon and Ouchy .

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