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Gorzow Wielkopolski is a town in the West of Poland by the river Warta. It is one of the two capitals of Lubusz Voivodeship, the other is Zielona Gora. The city is the district level status. Around Gorzow, there are two large forest areas: Gorzow Woods in the North, where the Barlinek-Gorzow landscape park is located, and Notec Woods in the Southeast. The largest oil fields in Poland is close to Gorzow.

The main tourist attraction is the Gothic, red brick Cathedral of the Virgin Mary, from the end of the 13th century which is located in the old town square. Many of the facades of the buildings in the Centre were renovated when Pope John Paul II visited Gorzow in 1997. Due to a large number of parks and green areas, Gorzow been called the "city of parks and gardens".

Spichlerz or "granary" of the 18th century has art exhibitions and a permanent collection of artifacts and images related to the history of the city. The Jewish cemetery in Gorzow is located on the outskirts of the city.

Gorzow is well known for the International Romani Gathering Romane Dyvesa, a music festival held every summer in the first week in July. The city is also famous for its Jazz Club Pod Filarami that every autumn organizes Gorzow Jazz festival.
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