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Håkonshallen og Rosenkrantztårnet
Category: Architectural Buildings

Haakon's Hall is a medieval stone hall in Bergen. It was first built as a royal residence and party hall during Håkon Håkonsson control of Norway (1217-1263) and Rosenkrantz Tower stemming from Magnus Lagabøtes Heilbronn, which was a minor fortress about 1270. The first time you know the hall was used was the son Haakon Magnus (later known as Magnus) their wedding on 11 September 1261.

The building decayed during the Middle Ages and from 1683 the building was used as a granary. J. C. Dahl "rediscovered" built as a royal hall. Society for Ancient Norwegian Monuments Preservation received as its first main task is to restore Håkonshallen. In 1873, restoration work started by the architect Christian Christie. The architects Peter Blix and Adolph Fischer completed the restoration in the years 1880-1895. Stepped gable was reversed on the basis of the oldest image of the building, Scholeusstikket from about 1580. The hall was decorated inside with frescoes, tapestries and furniture by Gerhard Munthe's drawings (1910-1916).

The explosion at the harbor in 1944 led to extensive damage to Håkonshallen. After new archaeological investigations of architect Gerhard Fischer was Håkonshallen rebuilt by architects Johan Lindstrom, Claus Lindstrom, Jon Lindstrom and Peter Helland-Hansen in the years 1955-1961.

Håkonshallen managed today by Bergen City Museum, which also administers Rosenkrantz Tower (right Håkonshallen), Old Bergen, Leprosy etc. Håkonshallen are also a number of concerts, especially choral and chamber music.

Rosenkrantz Tower is considered as the country's architectural masterpieces from the 1500s. Boasting a strategic location in the south wing, the tower has been a cornerstone of the fortress system Bergenshus fortress.

The oldest parts of Rose Krantz Tower originated from Magnus Lagabøtes Heilbronn, which was a minor fortress about 1270.

The next major redevelopment occurred around 1520, when the captain of Bergenshus, Jorgen Hansson Printer was built a forverk. This led to the tower shifts in floor height.

The tower is named after Erik Ottesen Rosenkrantz who was lord of Bergenshus in the years 1560-1567. He did extensive construction work on the tower and has the honor of the beautiful renaissance facade building today. Rosenkrantz had received orders from the King Frederick II to put the fortress in better condition, also militarily. The Scottish architecture model and the Scottish craftsmen got Rosenkrantz listed the palatial residence tower, which at the time was referred to as "the castle". The tower has undergone several changes since the 1500s, but is largely reversed, so that the building's historic main phases appear.

In 1930 the tower was opened to the public. The explosion at the harbor in 1944 led to extensive damage to the building. Responsible for the restoration was Gerhard Fischer and the restoration was completed in 1966. Rosenkrantz Tower was declared of Cultural Heritage as an automatic listed building in 1995.

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