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Sagrada Família
Category: Churches, cathedrals and monastery

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Sagrada Família (Catalan: The Holy Family) is a major basilica in Barcelona, Spain, which was designed by the architect Antoni Gaudí. The correct name of the basilica is Expiatori Temple de la Sagrada Família. It was commenced in 1883, but is still not completed. Most of the construction has been financed by private funds.

The basilica is one of Barcelona's main attractions.

Antoni Gaudí also designed other famous buildings in Barcelona, including Casa Milà and Parc Guell.

Construction of the temple began in 1882. A year later, Antoni Gaudí was appointed as project manager. He changed the original construction and began to build the temple for their own plans. This was his life's work and his work with the Basilica until his death in 1926. The unfinished basilica was partially destroyed during the Spanish Civil War. The wreckage was later restored and construction continued. The construction of the basilica is still ongoing after Gaudi's sketches. A number of solutions have been chosen by Gaudí's death, has been controversial.

The church was consecrated as a basilica by Pope Benedict XVI Sunday 7th November 2010 during his visit to Santiago de Compostela and Barcelona.

1 Review from our users  

Kristin B. Jacobsen
Klokkarvik, Norway
Reviewed 05/03/2015 17:02:19
Denne praktfulle katedralen må du unne deg å bruke litt tid på om du er i Barcelona. Den ser stor ut på bilder, men er i virkeligheten enorm og unik. Den gir inntrykk som du vil bære med deg for alltid.

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